Hello! It’s been a little bit, but classes started up earlier this month, and I’ve been a tad busy! I’m thrilled to continue my work on the pipes. In the recent weeks, I have started my courses, which I am very excited about, and continued my my search for the best methods of managing my time. (still have not found a good solution…)

Because the size of the DKC’s PRUSA printers has been a bit of a challenging roadblock, I was uncertain what my next steps would be, as the pieces of the pipes that I modeled continued to get longer. I brought this up with Cartland and Shannon at the end the previous semester, and they discussed the possibility of investing in the PRUSA XL!!!!!

Switching gears, one of my courses, Electronic Instrument Design, is led by Rebecca Callaway, who is also a drummer in the Eagle Pipe Band. Rebecca met up with Cartland and Shannon to discuss utilizing the Digital Knowledge Center as a resource for our course. It came up in conversation that I was looking for a large-format printer, and Rebecca mentioned that she had an Anycubic Mega X printer in the classroom. This news got back to me, and I was able to go check it out; it should work perfectly.

I have also reached out to my pipe instructor, Andrew Donlon, to discuss how I can make my designs a bit more unique and efficient. I had previously discussed with him the work of a pipe-maker, who specifically designed the interior of his pipes so that air could flow through more easily. I want to further indulge this idea, and see if I can expand on that concept in my design. (I will need to double check about the legal aspects of this, for which I will consult Andrew.)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve continued my work on the next piece of the bass drone. I will update later this week when the piece is finished!

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