It has been 2 weeks of BIG PROGRESS!

To begin, I printed off that top section of the middle piece of the bass drone, and it came out looking perfectly fine, which is what I expected. 

I still do not know what caused the error the first time, but I am currently reprinting the middle of the bass drone along with a few other pieces which I will showcase below.

In the image above, you can see a few different pieces. On top of working on the middle of the bass drone, I finished modeling the stocks, which are the parts of the pipes that are permanently attached to the bag. I decided to add a bunch of parts to one buildplate so I could get rolling on my last few prints. Above, I have my 3 stocks (one for the bass drone, two for the tenors), the middle piece of my bass drone, along with the 3D model for my “photochanter”, which I’ll be printing and adding some electronics for my final project in Electronic Instrument Design.

That was a mouthful of a paragraph. Point being, I only have two pieces left to print, both of which I modeled today. These are the bottom of the bass drone, and the stock for the chanter. Cartland and Shannon purchased a blowpipe and blowpipe stock, so I don’t have to worry about printing those.

Below, you can see my final two models! (don’t let that exclamation point fool you, I am very sad)

I’m going to get those on the printer now! UPDATE SOONNNN!!!!


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