Bass Drone Troubles (and Other Troubles)

HELLO! Time is flying!!! I have done a lot in the past few weeks, and not all of it has been sunshine and rainbows, unfortunately. Within the past 2-3 weeks, I printed off a second tenor drone (both top and bottom) and for some reason, the drone doesn’t sound correct. I’m not able to get […]


HELLO!!!! It has been quite a white since my last update. (Midterms hit like a truck!) While I was home on Spring break, at the beginning of March, I put an hour or two each day into finishing up my models. I finished off the tenor drone entirely, and then I focused on the bass […]

Tenor Drone (Nearly Complete)

Hello!!!!!!! I have lots to share, so buckle up! I’ve been focussing on the bell of the tenor drone. The bell is the space inside the top of the drone that acts as a resonating chamber, amplifying the sound. It is essential to ensure this part of the process is not overlooked, as the drones […]

Huzzah!!!! New printer!

Hello! I am writing to you from room 461 of the Jepson Science Center, wherein I have been calibrating and testing Rebecca’s Anycubic Mega X large-format printer for the past hour or so. I wasn’t able to print on it last week because someone ran away with the SD card that had the calibration gcode […]

Drone Tops (Models Nearly Complete)

Hi there! It’s AJ again! Today, I spent a good amount of time finishing up, and refining, the beading and combing on both the Tenor and Bass tops. Hammering this out now is going to make the next few pieces 10x easier. (now that I know what I want them to look like, it can […]

Bass Drone Top

Hello again! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on stretching out the tenor drone top model into the bass drone top. I figured this would be easy, because as I mentioned, I thought it was as simple as just stretching out the tenor drone top to the length of the bass drone top. […]

Tenor Top Update

Hello! I’ve been away for a little bit of time, with Thanksgiving break and all, but I am back! My first major update is that we had our first UMW Eagle Pipe Band practice in a while this past Wednesday, the 29th. I hadn’t shown off the tenor drone top to the other EPB members […]

Tenor Drone Top

This past Friday (11/3/23), I began printing the updated tenor drone top print, this time, in the correct size! I had a bagpipe competition in Richmond, VA early Saturday morning, but I let myself into the DKC and pulled it off the printer after nearly 13 hours of printing. The tree supports looked fantastic, as […]

3D Printed Bagpipes

Fall 2022 : The Humble Beginnings In the Fall of 2022, I poked my head into the Digital Knowledge Center at the University of Mary Washington for the first time. I was interested in learning more about 3D Printing, and I was able to train on the printers with the center’s consultants. The first print: […]