I really did enjoy the topics that we covered in DGST 395 last week (and the week before)! Last week, we dove into AI and Creativity, and tried to guess between human and AI generated art/text with a “Bot or Not” quiz during class. I was surprised, and intrigued, by the Francis Bacon painting, and I dove a bit deeper and found some more of his works. In my ChatGPT course with Dr. Rao, we discussed how AI will be incorporated into creative software. I am hopeful that it will remain a tool for artists and creators to use in addition to the tools that they have already been using. However, I can see AI developing to a point in which it might not be entirely necessary for human input in terms of art/text/content.

I think “What is Creativity” and “Can a computer ever truly be creative” are both excellent questions. I feel like the definition for creativity has room to incorporate the “imaginative” capacity of artificial intelligences, but then again, I did put “imaginative” in quotes. I’ve learned recently that the process of creation is not pulling something out of thin air, but it is rather building and expanding upon prior processes. To what extent? I am not certain. Art-generation AI has been seen closely copying the work of artists, which is similar to what us humans do, but we are careful as to differ our works from the original creator enough that it can be considered our own.

This past Monday, we discussed ethics, and explored the trolley problem in depth with our groups. It was a lot of fun comparing our answers, and seeing how the majority of the class lined up in terms of ethics- I suppose that says something about our class as a whole, but I am not exactly sure what that may be. I unfortunately missed class on Wednesday, but I came back to teach and learn on Friday! I taught a few students about Methyphobia, and talked about my experience with in. (not necessarily sure I have it, but I share many of the symptoms, which is why I decided to go all in on my game) They really enjoyed my presentation, and were super engaged the whole time. I then learned about language learning from Tayin. This was fascinating. I had no idea there was an entire community dedicated to practically speed-running language learning, and I am excited to see Tayin’s final project.

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