This week was so much fun, and I loved each topic that we covered in DGST 395. We spent most of the week discussing how AI plays many different roles in in our lives. Monday, we took a look at some different examples of AI in romance. Some students in class explored stories of humans […]

Peer Teaching and More AI!

I really did enjoy the topics that we covered in DGST 395 last week (and the week before)! Last week, we dove into AI and Creativity, and tried to guess between human and AI generated art/text with a “Bot or Not” quiz during class. I was surprised, and intrigued, by the Francis Bacon painting, and […]

AI (Sort of)

This week, we spent a lot of time talking about AI, and machine-learning algorithms vs rules-based algorithms. For example, our fortune teller could be mistaken for an AI (if it was a bit more refined, of course) as it works similarly to a chatbot like ChatGPT. This was the distinction that we made this week: […]

Predicting the Future (sort of)

This week, we spoke a bit about AI and what it might look like in the coming months. We read an excerpt from “You Look Like a Thing and I Love You”, by Janelle Shane, which discussed the rudiments of machine learning, and how these algorithms could lead negative consequences. It ties back to our […]

Tiny tools Big Project

This week started with the reading “The Soft Truth” by Leigh Alexander. To be perfectly honest, it slipped my mind, and I did not read the story until after class on Monday. However, I regret not being able to participate in the discussion, because the surreal, out-of-body experience that is “The Soft Truth” was a […]

Programming and Final Project Discussion

Hello! This week, we spent a lot of time studying the meaning of programming, both in the sense of computer programming and the algorithms that we compute in our heads. We read Nick Montfort’s Appendix A in Exploratory Programming, and read (or listened) to Douglas Rushkoff’s Program or be Programmed. Montfort discussed the possible benefits […]

HTML, CSS, and Dinosaurs!

This week took us on a journey through website design. My brain has never been so full of gifs; is all I can see wherever I look. Nevertheless, we began Monday finishing up our discussion of HTML and diving headfirst into CSS. We learned the rudimentary steps to initializing customization options through CSS on […]

Hypertext Extravaganza

We began our week discussing our collective opinions on a policy for the use of AI in our work for this course. We contributed our thoughts to a discussion board before class, and then explored a couple of different AI policies available online. (Anna Blake and I explored the ADC Awards policy on submitting AI-generated […]

Week 2: Connections

We began this week with two readings: Cory Doctorow’s “Science Fiction is a Luddite Literature”, and an excerpt from Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash”. Doctorow’s piece was an interesting read, but as soon as I finished the excerpt from Snow Crash, I was searching the Barnes and Noble website to see if the nearest store had […]