Hi there! It’s AJ again!

Today, I spent a good amount of time finishing up, and refining, the beading and combing on both the Tenor and Bass tops. Hammering this out now is going to make the next few pieces 10x easier. (now that I know what I want them to look like, it can be a LOT of copy/paste)

I may add more to the thinner part of the drone, but that will be a bit more complicated, as you can see in the photos below, it curves a bit. I’m sure with a bit of diligent work, and a few more hours devoted to learning OnShape’s intricate tools, I could figure it out.

This won’t be my last blog post of the semester, as I still have yet to print this pieces, clean them up, and test them next week at UWM Eagle Pipe Band practice.

I am incredibly pleased with how these look so far, and I have high hopes for their functionality as well.

More to come!

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