Hello! I am writing to you from room 461 of the Jepson Science Center, wherein I have been calibrating and testing Rebecca’s Anycubic Mega X large-format printer for the past hour or so. I wasn’t able to print on it last week because someone ran away with the SD card that had the calibration gcode file on it, but I am now printing “owl_pair.stl”!

When I started the print for the first time, the extruder was pretty far from the bed, but I didn’t know that at the time, so I consulted my 3D printing friend from Pennsylvania. He informed me that the culprit was most likely an unleveled bed.

I had never really manually leveled a bed before, as the PRUSAs in the DKC calibrate themselves. It took a few minutes, and numerous Google searches (numerous = 2 Google searches), but I found a video that walked me through leveling Anycubic printers.

I stuck a piece of paper under the extruder nozzle, and raised the bed until the paper was pinched between the bed and the nozzle, as the video instructed. I did this on all four corners a few times, and then started the print. 30 minutes in, the owls look pretty cute! (Well the logs they are sitting on do, at least.)

I’ll be back in on Friday to HOPEFULLY begin printing off the 3 pieces of the drones I have modeled. Wish me luck!

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