This week took us on a journey through website design. My brain has never been so full of gifs; is all I can see wherever I look. Nevertheless, we began Monday finishing up our discussion of HTML and diving headfirst into CSS. We learned the rudimentary steps to initializing customization options through CSS on our site like colors, fonts, formatting, etc.. Wednesday and Friday were both peer-teaching days, during which we had the opportunity to learn (or teach) about a few particularly interesting aspects of HTML and CSS. During the first round on Wednesday, I taught a few peers how to customize their cursor, and add hyperlinks to gifs! Between the 3 sessions I sat in on on Wednesday and Friday, I learned to center text, how to add color to my hyperlinks, and how to add a search bar! It was great to hear what my peers have been up to while designing their sites, and the things that they taught me are reflected in my site.

MY SITE!!!! I’m so happy to say that my retro site is done! I’ve been playing a lot of ARK: Survival Evolved recently, so aside from gifs, my brain has been full of dinosaurs. I wanted to tell a bit of a story with my site, but keep it fun and simple. I feel as if I accomplished that pretty well, and I am proud of my final product!

You can find it here:

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