This week, we mostly focused on showcasing the tools that each of us found on On Monday, I stopped by Grace’s table first to learn about A-frame. This program allows you incorporate a bit of VR into your website, and Grace showed us how to add the program into our html file. I then moved over to Tammy, who taught us about Koala, which was a simple music sampler app. I thought this was super cool, and I could see it as a tool for my final project.

On Wednesday, I spoke to Ian and Anna about GameMaker Studio 2- I introduced them to the software, showed them how to design sprites, and put together some basic 8-way movement for our “guy”. I tried to get it working with the tv, but because the GameMaker text was too small, we all huddled around my laptop. After presenting, I went to Luisa’s table and learning about Decker. This was an interesting tool as well; it lets you dither and edit your photos all in a retro-looking window.

Thursday night, I put the finishing touches on my big project proposal, and in class Friday, we got together and discussed them. I was with Jordan, Ian, and Anna, as we were all making a game. (except for Anna, who is making a 3D printed hair thingy lol)

The semester is going well so far! I am worried that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew in terms of my final projects for each of my classes, but I am hopeful that I can crack down and get to work.

Happy Spring break!

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