This week started with the reading “The Soft Truth” by Leigh Alexander. To be perfectly honest, it slipped my mind, and I did not read the story until after class on Monday. However, I regret not being able to participate in the discussion, because the surreal, out-of-body experience that is “The Soft Truth” was a delight to read. The main character is on a quest to find the gelatin sphere, and it consumes her every waking thought. As she continues searching, she begins to notice another version of herself, just ever-so-slightly different, and is curious if her quest has been completed. The I have always been attracted to the weird, quirky stories that leave you with more questions than answers, and this did not fall short of that expectation.

Dr. Whalen introduced the tiny tools peer teaching assignment, for which we will each be picking a tool from the tiny tools directory ( and sharing its usefulness in terms of our big project.

We transitioned into discussing JavaScript a bit more, and thought about coding in terms of our big project. Dr. Whalen introduced the fortune teller assignment, which has now been moved until after Spring break. We will be utilizing rudimentary JavaScript to create a program similar to a magic 8-ball. I think I’d like to combine the fortune teller project with the concepts we learned from Wednesday, and make some sort of big project assistant fortune teller combination.

Like I’ve mentioned, we also started to think about our big project. On Friday, Anna and I explored some of the ideas and concepts for the project that Dr. Whalen provided for the class. We dove into “24 hours in an Invisible Epidemic”, which explored the lives of 60 people in terms of their relationships and loneliness during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was an interesting read, and an even more interesting website.

I think I’m planning on putting a game together with Gamemaker Studio 2, which is the game engine that Undertale and other indie games have been made with. I am not sure what I would like the topic to be as of yet, but I plan on putting some thought to that today and tomorrow.

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